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Welcome to the new norm. Managing and increasing influencer brand deals using our proprietary software.

Welcome to the new 

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norm. for influencers and content creators
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Who is Norm? 👀
coming soon (2023)


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What is norm.?

Explore the features that make us the new standard in the creator economy.

Pricing Calculator

norm. influencer calculator (know your worth)

"How much should I charge?"

Every creator asks this at some point in their journey. The challenge? Every creator is different, and there are endless variables for each brand deal that go into the science - and art - of pricing. From engagement rate to exclusivity and usage, our intuitive pricing calculator takes into account all of these variables (not just your follower count) to help you feel confident negotiating your worth.

Contract Reader

You're not a lawyer, but you deserve one.

Contracts are the foundation of every brand partnership - they’re also often overlooked. Clauses like exclusivity rights and content usage can be slipped into contracts, leaving money on the table for you as a creator. Our Contract Reader instantaneously highlights key clauses, defines terms, and suggests industry standard redlines, so you actually understand what you’re signing, before signing it.

norm. influencer Contract reader (your virtual lawyer)

Our Roadmap

Here's what you can expect from us in the near future.

Pricing Calculator

Contract Reader

Media Kits 


Final Product






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Kayley Reed - CEO of norm.
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Meet Our Founder.

Kayley Reed

Kayley is a 3x founder, content creator, and CEO of Hermana Agency. She has spent the past 8 years working on all sides of the creator economy: launching Tiktok accounts for clients like Calm and John Krasinski’s Some Good News (1.3million), leading influencer strategies for DTC and entertainment brands, and managing a roster of talent including Becca Moore, Sander Jennings, Kelly U and Style Crone

As a creator herself, Kayley has built an audience of 70,000 across social + podcasting platforms. After navigating the inequities of the rapidly growing, billion-dollar influencer industry, she set out to empower creators with tools to negotiate their worth. Her passion for improving influencer industry standards led her to founding norm.



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A new standard in the creator economy.

Join 1,000+ on the waitlist
and get free access when we launch: 

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